Synchronize your separated technology solutions and achieve profit maximization & maximum cost reduction in your FnB business operations with our stable and cost effective middleware.

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Open API Integration and Ready to Integration (POS Software / POS System, CRM Software / CRM System, Business Intelligence System, ERP Software) Seamless Open API integration of all software.
No double key in or Export-Import data
  • Efficient Manpower which is cost saving
  • Fastest provide data, for business strategy, means Faster Decision and to Grab Opportunity and lead to Increasing Sales
  • Less human error & Less wrong order which is cost saving

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Comprehensive Payment Option

Increase your customer’s satisfaction and loyalty by providing multiple payment options.  Also, increase repeat purchase and higher cross-selling possible

  • Multiple payment options to capture a larger customer base, increase sales (advertising)
  • See which payment option nets you the most customer purchase, and focus that for increased sales
  • Multiple payment options to ease of transaction at point of purpose, increase satisfaction & repeat customer

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Let the system take care of the delivery management, and your staff focus on preparing the orders.

  • Efficient manpower which is cost saving
  • Fastest provide data, for business strategy, means Faster Decision and to Grab Opportunity and lead to Increasing Sales
  • Less human error & less wrong order which is cost saving
  • Turnover orders

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Trusted By Top Global Brands

Success Cases

Slide Full Stack Solution
Burger king
Aigens, pro omni-channel online ordering solution for Burger King Singapore which includes Self Service Kiosk, Mobile-friendly Online Ordering as well as a Loyalty Program. Like most of our partners, Self Service Kiosk and Mobile-friendly Online Ordering improves customer satisfaction and service levels, reducing the trouble of short-staffed and long queues. Orders from different channels handled simultaneously, precisely.
Self-order Kiosk, Smartphone Mobile Ordering, Loyalty App
Slide Full Stack Solution
News - Genki
Aigens provided solutions for Genki Sushi Hong Kong & China which includes Self Service Kiosk, Mobile-friendly Online Ordering as well as a Loyalty Program. Like most of our partners, Self Service Kiosk and Mobile-friendly Online Ordering service levels reduced the trouble of short-staffed and long queues. Also, with a well developed central hub, orders from different gateways are handled simultaneously, precisely.
Self service Kiosk, Mobile-friendly Online Ordering, Web order and Customer Loyalty App

Frequently Asked Questions

Middleware is a proprietary software that helps to not only synch all various technology solutions across brands/functions in a FnB Business operations (e.g. front of house ticketing, online ordering, payment, kitchen-firing, POS Software / POS System, etc) ; It also automatically helps to “fill in the gap” between programs by various operators. The result – each technology solution from the various providers operate at peak efficiency gunning for 100%, and FnB Owners/ Operators


Minimise their sunk costs


Maximise productivity


Maximise operation


Maximise profit margins

The Core reason why FnB Owners/Operators time and again choose Aigens as their Res Tech Partner, is because across regions, we are the most stable and cost effective Middleware providers with the largest market share.

We provide Free Audit of existing systems or Free Consultancy for new FnB Businesses, sit down with our FnB clients to explain and determine which are the areas that need Middleware bridging and how to achieve efficiency while maximising cashflow per period of accounting for profits.

Many FnB Owners/Operators due to cashflow/stage-of-growth , may find themselves adopting individual technology solutions for specific purpose of their business operations. As a result, while they make have the better solution already paid for and incorporated, if these solutions do not synchronize across applications, tools and databases – the Fnb may not be able to realise their full potential gain for cost reductions and profit maximization. In some instances, when these separate tech solutions are not synched – it may result in higher running costs that are detrimential to the business.

With digital integrations within the Restaurant Operations, every function of the business that is served by a Computer Program System need to communicate with each other (aka “Call on each other) These include Technology Solutions purchased separately from various vendors such as Order fullfillment/Management Systems, CRM & Loyalty Systems, Delivery Systems , POS Systems , Payment Systems , Analytics & Marketing Systems to name a few. After the FnB Owner/Operator has purchased and integrated these Systems, the system may be working fine independently BUT they not be communicating to each other to either


relaying the correct information


relaying the complete information


relaying the information at the right time or worse


relaying information in different packets of coding that is not universal, hence limited to that 1 software.

API stands of Application Programming Interface, or to bluntly to all FnB Owners/Operators, it is the brain of the Computer Programme System that determines – when, how much, what information needs to be transmitted across programmes.

Aigens was buillt on Programming Software, and our Founders’ and team;s experience each over 15 years are testament in our passion for understanding programming languages and being able to get to the core of the problems why each Make of Computer Program System behave and function as they do.

Coupled with our proven track record for timely, efficient and speedy API Integration resolutions, no matter the volume of API integration needed or the runway for resolution – our team consistently code and patch all Computer Program Systems throughout the Restaurant Operations Flow, be it Front-of-house, Back-of-house, On-premise and Off-premise.

Simply put , each and every one of our POS Partners recommended by Aigens have strengths in different areas. Each Type of FnB operations (e.g. QSR, Multi-chain, Standalone Cafe, Bubble Tea Franchise, etc ) + each stage (e.g. initial growth, expansion, franchising model, etc) So, for a FnB Brand to grow sure & steadfast – the match of a POS provider that understands their needs , and has the relevant experience of their type of Business Type , and what need information needs to be taged and tracked correctly = a happy FnB Owner/ Operator who will be able to afford time and effort to other aspects of growing the business.


Ownership – being able to take responsibility of running the FnB operations as if it were our own. We at Aigens work diligently with our FnB clients for the Long-run of THEIR business, at are ready at every stage to grow with our clients. This is the inwaivering fundamental mindset of our team that differentiates us from all other Res Tech Companies.


experience ; Not only do we have over 15 years of experience working with partners and FnB clients, Aigens is the only Res Tech Brand that has our ears to the ground and hands in the thick of things , aware of the latest POS offerings and types of new FnB models and trends.


hands on approach – for each and every FnB brand, business type, we work to a timing and budget that is suitable to the client and what would make good business sense for them.


the largest market share of POS partnership for each and every region


POS partnership for each type of FnB and for each and every stage of the FnB growth


Proven track record, relevancy to continual and new FnB trends

Traditionally Cash has been king, however as COVID accelerates Digital Consumption,the ability to reward FnB customers’s digital order experience by offering them several Digital payments at the lowest cost to FnB operators/owners; that becomes the game changer for saavy FnBs in securing customer loyalty for increasing volume sales & bigger average order spent.


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As a co-founder, Peter has taken the helm of the research and development of Aigens. He is a veteran E-Commerce Architect and brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to the team. Under his leadership, Aigens is currently processing over 36 million transactions with gross merchandise volume run rate of over HK$2.1 billion (US$269 million) annually for its leading food and beverage clients in Asia Pacific.

Peter also believes that employees form the backbone of Aigens’ success. Therefore, he dedicates vast resources in training and employees’ career development, as well as fostering a stimulating work culture.

Peter holds an MBA degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley, the United States of America






Hans Paul is the Co-Founder of Aigens, a leading disruptive restaurant technology solutions company in Asia Pacific. Blending his strong technology background in e-commerce and IT consulting, Hans has a vision to create a digital concierge which can offer mass personalized dining experience. Putting vision into action, Hans and his friend Peter Liu founded Aigens in 2012.

Hans spearheads the Company’s business development. He generated a large market share gain in Hong Kong and enhanced the Company’s international portfolio by developing new markets in Singapore, Malaysia and other Asia Pacific region. Under Hans’ leadership, Aigens not only prides itself as the market leader in Hong Kong, it also consistently profitable with significant year-on-year revenue growth.

Hans holds an MBA degree from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and a bachelor degree majoring in Statistics and Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley, the United States of America.